Christmas Eve meetings 2019

PC208541This year we organized two meetings  before Christmas. On December 17, 2019, a Christmas Eve was held for teenagers and children, while on December 20, 2019, a Christmas Eve was held for older youth. Everyone got a festive mood, which was influenced, among others, by the festive decoration of the club rooms, as well as the covered table and carols. Christmas Eve meetings are a good opportunity to learn to experience unique events together. The atmosphere of Christmas inspires us to look kindly at the world and the people around us. The very thought of Christmas makes us become better and happier, and the desire to give to others appears in our hearts. We are more sensitive to the fate of those who have less luck in their lives than us. Let these special thoughts and feelings spill over into all hearts and accompany us throughout the year.

The summer holidays tournaments of children and teenagers in the "Shelter"

Wakacyjny Turniej PiłkarzykówIn the period from mid-June to the end of the summer holidays of 2019, a large group of children and teenagers, aged 7 - 15, appeared in the "Shelter" club. In total, the club was visited by over 50 children who used the hospitality of "Shelter", taking part in console, computer and board games as well as playing table football and darts. It was a unique experience providing a lot of positive experience. Special events were tournaments, of which there were five in total. On 19 and 25 June 2019, two FIFA 19 tournaments were held, while on 27 June 2019 and 11 July and 27 August 2019, three table football tournaments took place. The tournament winners received prizes in the form of sweets, and the winners of the Summer  Holidays Table Football Tournament (11.07.19) and the II Summer  Holidays Table Football  Tournament (27.08.19) received, in addition to sweets, medals.

The new champion on the karting track

P8078507On August 7, 2019, we went to the SadKarting karting track, located in a new place, in Bialystok. The new track, new machines encouraged not only to check the new driving conditions, but also to compete in the ride in the shortest possible time of one lap. Maciek Michalec defended the title of the best driver in our group. He didn't give priority only in the first round. In the next two rounds, the fastest driver was Damian Ostrowski, and he was the first in the karting competition. Maciek Michalec was behind him, and Kacper Sołowiej won the third place.




The canoeing on the rivers Sokołda and Supraśl

1The weather was conducive to our kayaking trip, which took place in Surażków on August 3, 2019. However, before reaching Ritowisko we were wondering if this time crossing the route, especially the section on Sokołda, would not be a difficult challenge, perhaps, because of low water level. At that time low levels were noted in rivers in Poland, e.g. on the Vistula river there was a record low water level, only 40 cm! We were very pleasantly surprised when we arrived with canoes on the  riverside of Sokołda. The water level was very high, as if despite the drought in Poland. Probably earlier rainfall affected the waters of Sokołda and Supraśl. So without much effort we could  kayaking  with the river stream, indulging in pleasant relaxation. After returning to Ritowisko, a tasty dinner, as usual, was waiting for us. And then we spent a nice time under the shed and in the yard.


The paintball and campfire in Dzikie

1From the morning of 9 July 2019 it was raining. We had big doubts whether we would be able to implement a plan to go to the paintball field in Dzikie. But we already have different experiences connected with unfavorable weather and we know that we should not give up prematurely. By 18th it had stopped raining, and although it was extremely cold, we could feel the climate of the paintball game. After many battles, on a large and small field, the time has come to roast sausages over the fire.



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