The Easter gifts

P3310024 KopiowanieThis year's Easter is similar to 2020 and different than in previous years.Despite the circumstances, this is a special time for Christians.The COVID-19 epidemic is preventing the "Shelter" from functioning normally, so we could not fully create a festive atmosphere.But even in the most difficult situations, you can find elements that bring some joy.In our club reality, we decided to spice up the waiting time for Easter with the gifts.They were handed over to the club members on Thursday and Friday, April 1 and 2, 2021. We wish you a healthy and peaceful Easter, filled with the faith, hope and love.


Nice touch on Women's Day

P3100306 KopiowanieThe pandemic is making it difficult for all of us to function normally.All the more, we should notice and appreciate pleasant moments.March 8 is a special day for women, but it is also a special event for men.They do their best to make the ladies feel a pleasant atmosphere.It would be good if these efforts also took place on other days.In "Shelter" we decided to emphasize Women's Day by preparing sweet gifts.



This year there was no Christmas Eve ...

PC220290 KopiowanieUnfortunately, the epidemiological situation has not improved and there is no easing of sanitary restrictions. We cannot run the club's normal activities, so we couldn't organize a traditional Christmas Eve. We have already got used to extending the deadlines of restrictions, prohibitions and orders, this time until January 17, 2021. So far, we are suspended. But despite the difficult conditions, we decided not to give up what was our club tradition so far, to share Christmas presents. We did it every year on Christmas Eve. This year we have also prepared Christmas packages with sweets. We distributed them individually to individual club members. We were unable to organize a pre-Christmas meeting, but we decided to prepare a substitute for this traditional meeting. We have prepared a snack for everyone, packed in Christmas Eve bags with groceries. We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

The medals were distributed at dusk

P8160258 KopiowanieOn August 16, 2020, the Summer Football Tournament took place on the pitch at Osiedle Dziesięciny I. This tournament took place under unusual conditions. The commencement is planned at 7.00 p.m. forgetting that the days of August are getting shorter and dusk begins much earlier than in the first month of summer holidays. 4 teams took part in the competition. It was a sports competition and great fun until the very end. The last matches were played at dusk, but the players did well in these conditions, scoring further goals. The first place in the tournament was taken by the team consisting of: Dominik Kotyński - captain, Mariusz Margużewicz, Daniel Turowski, Patryk Prymaka, Marek Sieńko. Dominik Kotyński collected the King of shooters cup. Medals and awards were distributed at dusk.


The teenagers also tried their hand ...

P7230197 KopiowanieFirst, older youth raced on the kart track, and then a group of teenagers on July 23 and 30. For most of them this was the first time they had come to the track, so the stay was filled with excitement. In the first round of driving, the kart drivers drove their vehicles with great care. They checked the capabilities of the vehicles and the track conditions. In the next run, the drivers boldly decided to cover the route of one lap as quickly as possible. There was an element of competition. The best time was achieved by Patryk Zamojski, second place was taken by Adrian Rychliński, and third by Kacper Czerech.



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