"Drop to drop"

kroplaCollection of poetry contains of poems of mature woman - poet.

Readers may find some personal and full of reflection polemics with God, but also some light and funny poems. This poetry is deeply humanistic, it shows a human, which is built of spirit, soul and body. But also has desires, expectations, dreams and even fall downs.

"My sister and me"


"My sister and me" is a lovely story of one ordinary, and yet no ordinary family. The author shows the rich inner life of a teenage girl – Alice. Every day she has to face the problems of the world that surrounds her. Alice has to answer a difficult question. Why she and her family, which is no worse than other families, have to suffer?

"My sister and me", in spite of that touches on some serious problems, is very warm and full of sense of humor.


"Dialogues for two heads and four legs"


"Dialogues for two heads and four legs" is the book addressed to the readers of 7 - 12 years of age. It also can be a great help to the parents, who would like to pass on the Christian values and way of life to their children.

"Dialogues..." is the composition of funny stories from the school life of two friends. It is beautifully illustrated. The book may as well be used in the presentations using puppets.


"Moon's child"


Christian Education Center "Diamond" has edited new book by Beata Jaskuła - Tuchanowska entitled "Moon's child".

The book is written in the form of a diary and touches on the problem of struggle. It is a struggle not only for life and health of disabled child, but also for improvement and independence of Martynka - theme person of the book. The struggle is going on within the family, friends, familiar and not familiar people, who decided to take part in rehabilitation, knowing how important it was. The author talks also about her own struggle for social acceptance and right to live a normal life for such people as Martynka.








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