About the "Diamond"


Why such name as "Diamond" ?

Well, we think that every person, every child, no matter the background or social status, has its own value. Everyone is like a diamond which can shine, after being cut and polished. The problem is that not every child has a chance to grow up in proper environment. If we could put children from problem families into a normal environment, their lives would be different. That's why we shouldn't treat them as some kind of worse type of human. The difference between us and them is only we were lucky and they were not. Such knowledge makes me fell obliged to share the happiness that I have with ones that didn't have it.


A short history of thr Center


Christian Education Center "Diamond" was established by people who spontaneously started working with orphaned children several years ago. First contacts brought such fruits as adoptions and placing children in surrogate families. Afterwards, we had summer and winter camps and various kinds of meetings during the school year. The work has been develop and new people have become involved, brining new ideas and opportunities. We decided to make our work more organized and established the Center "Diamond" with a legal status given by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of the Polish Government.

Aims of the Center


  • educational work
  • helping for children from orphanages, dysfunctional and pathological families
  • promoting friendly forms of chlidren`s care
  • charity
  • helping for families with difficult life situations
  • helping for children with learning disabilities
  • counselling for families
  • propagating christian values and christian style
  • propagating kindness and respect between people of different social status and religiuos and pholosophical point of view


Philosophy of the service

1.Each person is important.
  • Each person is important and precious regardless of her/his origin, social, material or religious status.
  • Each one is worth our interest.
  • Each one's needs are important.
  • Each one's talents are important.
2.How we live our lives is important.
  • When we are open to the needs of children and youth we can model a life that inspires unselfishness toward others.
  • We hope that our attitude, based on Biblical teaching, will be a model for other people and an inspiration for seeking God.
  • Today, as never before, all of us desire authentic models and behaviors, opinions proved in life, sincere feelings, unselfishness and honesty.
3.Our emphasis in life is important
  • We want to emphasize Christianity based on the life and teachings of Jesus, rather than on formal expressions that can lose their meaning.
  • We want to emphasize the importance of the way we live our everyday lives, our attitudes, and our sensitivity to the needs of our neighbors, rather than only talking about doctrine.
  • We want to emphasize the importance of helping people learn about God, rather than building religion.



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