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Christmas meetings in "Diamond" clubs in Białystok

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Christmas meeting in Children's Club "Diamond" in 2011 was a little different than we organized so far. We invited in addition to club members and their parents also colleagues from school and backyard. The attendance was much, more than 100 people, so our club rooms were to small for such crowd not, so we decided to organize a meeting in Primary School No. 47.



Christmas meeting in Narewka

1mAs it was in previous years the whole Christmas and New Year's campaign was prolonged and lasted from December 2010 till February 2011. Last event of our campaign was Christmas meeting organized in Narewka on 25th of February by the Association of Narewka's Friends. Together with the Good News Children's Club from Białystok we have prepared 50 presents for the participants of this meeting.
     We are very pleased that the third year in a row we were able to participate in this unique event. We handed over gifts to children, and they have given us joy and gratitude.



Center "Diamond" together with the Center for Family Support in Bialystok ...

4mFor several years now, we organize special Christmas meeting for children from dysfunctional families together with the Center for Family Support in Bialystok. This year the meting was held on 15th of January 2011 in the Primary School No 47 in Białystok. Children arrived together with their parents and all together we were the group of 150 people. In the program there was Christmas Show presented by children from "Diamond" Club, there were many contests, games and music. The most exciting moment was giving out packages prepared by German families within the Operation Christmas Child.


"Diamond" Christmas Evenings

10m 1First of our Christmas events was Small Christmas Eve Meeting for children from Suprasl Orphanage. It was held on 18th of December in the apartment of Ewa and Ryszard Gutkowscy. It was organized in the framework of weekend meetings for our little friends from Supraśl. Later, we had the Christmas Eve Meetings in clubs in Białystok: on 21st of December in "Diamond" Children's Club (with participation of parents of our pupils) and on 22nd of December in "Shelter" Youth Club. During the meeting children presented specially prepared art program. The main point was of course giving presents.


Joy of Christmas

1mSeason of Christmas is always very special in "Diamond". It is not only because we share the general Christmas atmosphere connected with happy anticipating for presents, but also because in a short period of time there are many events happening.
     Every year we organize meetings that we call "Small Christmas Eves". They are substitutes of Christmas Eve Evening with its special atmosphere, and of course with the element so loved by all the children, that is giving gifts. Because Christmas is the season of giving presents inspired by The Greatest Gift, which human race received in Jesus Christ.
     Christmas Meetings take place in "Diamond's" Clubs and in private houses. We will prolong this Christmas atmosphere till January 2011, when we will organize Christmas Parties together with the Social Care Department of City of Białystok.


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