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The gift for children from Supraśl

PC290298 KopiowanieThe "Diamond" Center has long-term relationships with the Orphanage in Supraśl.In the past, children from the Orphanage participated in several "Diamond" projects, including summer camps and weekend meetings.Recently, these relations were less intense, the Center covered the costs of the stay of a group of children from Supraśl at summer camps in Narewka, organized by the "Dobra Nowina" Children's Club.Unfortunately, this year, due to sanitary regulations, the summer camp was not held.We decided to give children 22 sets of duvets and pillows.We gave the gift before Christmas, so it was a kind of Christmas gift.We wish all the best in the New 2021 to all children, educators and employees of the orphanage in Supraśl.

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