Children's Day at the Club in Warsaw

05wawa dd1In Children Club of Friends in Warsaw celebration of Children's Day was very splendorous and lasted for three days.

On Wednesday (1.06.) children participated in special event in "Promenada" Shopping Mall. They could see a show of ice skating, they participated in various kinds of contests and games. There were also some refreshments.


Australian Week at the Club of Friends in Warsaw

2w zima05From 14 to 20 of February in the Children's Club of Friends in Warsaw there was a special program for winter break. We have planned the trip to another continent. Together with children we traveled to Australia. Although it was only the trip on the map, we had a lot of fun looking at some pictures and getting to know the history of that country. We could meet aboriginal population of Australia, animals that live there and visit a lot of interesting places. We have made some maps and we had a contest as kangaroos.


Christmas Party at the Club of Friends in Warsaw

1w gwiazdka04Time just before and at Christmas is always very special in the "Diamond". It is not only because we are under this special atmosphere of joyful waiting for Christmas and presents, but also because so many events take place in the short period of time.

We organize special meetings, which we call "Little Christmas Eves". They are kind of a surrogate of the night before Christmas with its atmosphere, and of course with the element that children love the most, that is giving presents. Because Christmas is indeed the season of giving to one another. It is inspired by the Greatest Gift, which human race received in the Person of Christ.


Framework of activities of Children's Club of Freiends i Warsaw

Children Club of Fiends in Warsaw was started by "Diamond" in 1998 in the Praga South district. Praga is the most neglected part of Warsaw. The majority of the inhabitants are from pathological and dysfunctional families. That makes Praga a very dangerous district. There are few places for children and youth to spend their free time. That is why children and young people regularly smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs.


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