Australian Week at the Club of Friends in Warsaw

2w zima05From 14 to 20 of February in the Children's Club of Friends in Warsaw there was a special program for winter break. We have planned the trip to another continent. Together with children we traveled to Australia. Although it was only the trip on the map, we had a lot of fun looking at some pictures and getting to know the history of that country. We could meet aboriginal population of Australia, animals that live there and visit a lot of interesting places. We have made some maps and we had a contest as kangaroos.


For one day we have left Australia and change our place to Germany. We had a guest from that country. There was an opportunity to find out about some interesting places in Germany, its famous people and traditions. It was very interesting lesson for all of us. Additional attraction was the possibility to learn some German. We've learnt how to introduce ourselves, to count and some basic, necessary phrases. Our guest stayed with us till the end of the week and had some lessons, while we continued our trip to Australia.

Each following day was dedicated to a special animal. So we had the day of koala, dingo dog or duckbill. They were attractive days, full of new information about these animals. At the art workshops we tried to draw, paint or glue these new animals. We also had plenty of time for games and plays. The last day was full of contests and summaries of what we have learnt. We had the contest of the knowledge about Australia and the art contest with Australia as a subject. These days were interesting and nice for all of us.



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