Christmas Party at the Club of Friends in Warsaw

1w gwiazdka04Time just before and at Christmas is always very special in the "Diamond". It is not only because we are under this special atmosphere of joyful waiting for Christmas and presents, but also because so many events take place in the short period of time.

We organize special meetings, which we call "Little Christmas Eves". They are kind of a surrogate of the night before Christmas with its atmosphere, and of course with the element that children love the most, that is giving presents. Because Christmas is indeed the season of giving to one another. It is inspired by the Greatest Gift, which human race received in the Person of Christ.


In the Children Club of Friends in Warsaw meeting has started from Christmas wishes.

Then there was special meal, which children prepared together with the teachers. Christmas atmosphere was underlined by singing carols together.

But the fullness of joy has come to the Club when children, one by one, received Christmas presents.



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