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"Diamond's" day camp July'2012

P7063583 KopiowanieThe summer day camp shortly after the end of the school year took place, held on 2-12 July 2012, at the rooms of the Youth Club "Shelter". There were 23 people, including 18 children, aged 6 to 14 years, and 5 teachers, including two from Germany. The day camp was very rich and full of many interesting activities and attractions. There were games and funs, music, arts and a lot of competitions with prizes. The presence of two teachers from Germany created the opportunity to the children to use the German words, which they did willingly in the fun.
The children enjoyed reading and telling  book „The Secret pheasant hut”.


"Treasure hunters" in Narewka

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Under this motto the summer camp was held, organized by the CEC "Diamond", on 17 - 23 July 2011 in Narewka. This password referred to the message that we had in our mind during preparation a summer holiday for children and teenagers. Our aim was that participants have spent a good time not only taking part in interesting activities and games, but also had the opportunity to reflect on the spiritual values that are important in human life. These values are treasures that enrich life of children, also mature women and men.
     The camp was attended by 50 people. The children aged 6 to 18 came from the Orphanage in Supraśl, Club "Diamond" in Białystok and the Children's Club "Good News" in Białystok. Educators came from several cities of Poland: Białystok, Warsaw, Poznań, Chojnice, Oława and from Germany.
     Despite of the rain this year summer we had wonderful weather and so much sun and only occasionally overcast allowing to break from the heat. Rain fell only at night or at down.




2mDay Camp started just after the end of the school year, that is 28th of June and lasted till 3rd of July. Group of 16 children took part in it, kids were of 4 to 17 years of age. There were many interesting activities organized, both indoor and outdoor. During crafts children made various projects: the tree with names of day camp participants, they painted posters and own portraits etc. There were also a lot of sport games and outings to park and ZOO.We served hot meal every day of the day camp.
     At the end of our day camp children who were especially active during our activities received rewards. All the participants got some souvenirs and diplomas.



23mThis year Summer Camp for children from orphanages and dysfunctional families was held in Narewka on 18th-27th July. There were 43 participants including 25 children from orphanages in Supraśl and from Diamond's Clubs in Bialystok and Warsaw as well as children from "Good News" Club in Białystok. Also there were 18 people of staff. Children participating in the camp were 6 - 17 years of age. So it was a great difference of age, but thanks to small groups we managed to create family atmosphere. Each group consisted of 2 to 5 children.
It helped to have better contact between the children and the teachers.
The weather was great so every day we could go to the river. Of course we have also organized various kinds of activities. There were Explorer's Meetings among them, so the Bible lessons in three age groups. During those meetings children discovered important spiritual truths. We also had games, plays, crafts, art workshops and so on in our program. Children willingly participated in various sport disciplines. We ended every day with the Evening of Surprises, which were prepared by each group. Important moments of those evenings were stories told with the use of Muppets and of course the singing. We are grateful to God for His care from the very first day to the very last. Every day we could feel His presence and blessings.


Summer Campaign 2010

kampania letniaDuring summer holidays this year we will be organizing day camp, camp and bivouac. Day Camp will take place in Children's Diamond Club in Białystok from 28th of June to 3rd of July. Summer Camp will be held in Narewka from 18 to 27 of July. Youth from "Shelter" Youth Club will go to their bivouac to Surażkowo at the end of July.

After holidays we will present reports on these events together with photos.

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