Camps & day camps

Narewka 2004

5narewka04Summer Camp 2004 for children from orphanages and dysfunctional families was held in Narewka. Narewka is a small village in the East part of Poland. This Region of Poland is well known because of the its oldest and biggest Forest in Europe called the Białowieża Woods and its żubr (buffaloes).


This year at the "Diamond's" Camp there were 33 children from the orphanages in Warsaw, Białystok and Supraśl and children from dysfunctional families from Warsaw and Białystok. Also there were 20 staff including teachers and kitchen workers.



1koscierzyna03Finally we have seen the day of 17th of July. You just had to pack some things and get to the place of your destiny.

This year our camp was to be held in Kościerzyna. I have to admit, I have waited for these 12 days with some fear, especially because I was supposed to be the leader for the first time. My fears have been dispelled as I was welcomed by the smiling faces of camp's frequenters and curious looks of the new ones.


Dubicze Cerkiewne 2002

3dubicze02Just before school vacation the "Diamond" Center began working with some people who were experienced in working with alcohol and drug addicted teenagers. In the framework of "Diamond's" activities we decided to work out the Summer Project of work with addicts. We named the project "Teenager in Trouble", and we were able to work with three teenagers in the program (from 12 to 17 years of age) by taking part in a camp organized by "Diamond".


1stezyca02This year's trip to Stężyca was like a fairy tale. There is no other place like this place in the Kaszuby Region. It has left an unforgettable impression in my heart, just like the imprint of a bare foot left at the seaside. On the one hand the imprint is kept from the fervent waves, but on the other it disappears slowly after a few days, but will remain forever special. When I think back about those unforgettable moments this thought comes to my mind - what we like the most is what we do best.


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