Camps & day camps

Memories from 2009 Holidays

2mThis year's summer campaign was very different from our usual summer actions so. Instead of summer camp for one group of children we decided to organize day camps for two groups, in two places: Bialystok and Warsaw. Day camps were organized by "Diamond" children's clubs.




"Diamond's" Winter Day Camps

1It is already our tradition to organize day camps in our Clubs during winter holidays. They were held from 26th to 30th of January 2009.
     In Diamond Children's Club in Białystok theme subject was caring for pets. Children had "aquarium day" when they could learn how to set up an aquarium and they have made some chemical tests on water. We had a lady vet as our guest and she told us how to care for dogs at home. Gymnasium pupils could take part in dance lessons of Fair Play Dance Studio. We also had an outing to the movies. Especially attractive were cooking lessons. Children made French cakes and vegetable salad together.


Summer camp for children from orphanages and dysfunctional families, Stezyca, 16 - 26 of July.

stezyca allThe camp was held in Stężyca in July 16 - 26 , 2007. Village Stężyca is located on the lakes in the northern of Poland. Altogether there were 39 people, 27 children and 12 people of staff.







16 mThis year's camp was held from 15 to 25 of July in Stezyca, near Kartuzy. Again we visited this beautiful town at Kaszuby Region, located on the lakes and again we came back with some luggage of memories and experiences.
There were 36 people participating in the camp, 27 children and 9 people of stuff. Children came from "Diamond" Club in Białystok, Children's Club of Friends in Warsaw and the Orphanage in Suprasl.
They were of 6 - 16 years old. Inspite of the big age difference, we managed to create family atmosphere, thanks to small groups, consisting of 3 - 5 children.
When the weather was nice our time before lunch was filled with sweet laziness at the sunny beach and swimming in the warm lake. When it was raining we organized sports activities and games indoors. In our daily agenda there were plenty of interesting activities. We had Explorer's Meetings in three age groups. Children could "explore" various spiritual needs. There were also games, plays, arts, music and dance workshops. The day was always finished by the Evening Surprises. It that piece of time each group could show their talents and ideas as actors. Of course the group of teachers did it too. This was also the time for singing together, listening to the story of "The rainbow garden" and watching a series of muppet shows.
Each camp is a special challenge for us. It always needs a lot of work and involvment. At the same time it is always a great experience.



Summer Camp in Narewka "05

1narewka05This year Summer Camp for children from orphanages and dysfunctional families was held in Narewka on 1st - 13th July. There were 58 participants including 38 children from orphanages in Warsaw, Białystok and Suprasl and from Diamond's Clubs in Warsaw and Bialystok. Also there were 20 people of staff including teachers and kitchen workers.


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