Świętajno 2003

1swietajno03Świętajno - small village near Szczytno at Mazury district. When I think of it I will always have in mind an oasis of peace, safety and God being near. Peace - because the church is at the end of the village, it is surrounded by the fence from the side of the street. From the other side the boarder is made by buildings, former stables, with sloping roofs, which are now made small living houses with double - decked beds. In the middle of the yard there is great oak, where we loved to rest, it gave shadow in the heat or was an umbrella when it rained.


Gąski 2002

1gaski02From August 16th to the 29th, 2002 in Gąski, near Koszalin, we held a rehabilitation camp. There were 30 participants and 11 of them were mentally handicapped.

I have to admit that I was afraid that the camp would not take place at all. The preparations met with a lot of difficulties. Choosing the date was the most difficult problem, and even that was changed at the last moment, because of this three of the families couldn't attend, but I knew God had everything in His hands.


Sarbinowo morskie 2001

1sarbinowo01Rehabililation Camp for families with disabled children took place this year for the first time at the seaside, in Sarbinowo Morskie. For the first time we lived in rehabilitation center called charmingly "A little pebbie", sharing it with other campers. Our staff included British and Polish volunteers, led by pastor Tim Burt from England and pastor Henryk Kufeld from Lublin.


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