Świętajno 2003

1swietajno03Świętajno - small village near Szczytno at Mazury district. When I think of it I will always have in mind an oasis of peace, safety and God being near. Peace - because the church is at the end of the village, it is surrounded by the fence from the side of the street. From the other side the boarder is made by buildings, former stables, with sloping roofs, which are now made small living houses with double - decked beds. In the middle of the yard there is great oak, where we loved to rest, it gave shadow in the heat or was an umbrella when it rained.


The participants of the camp were disabled children and youth, together with their parents. The small amount of staff acted with great passion, took care for our souls and bodies. In the morning there were some art workshops for children and they were connected with sport activities and Bible lesson. Bible studies for parents made us all feel God's care over all of us every day. The director of the camp - Henryk Kufeld and his wife Marylka were the examples of meekness and energy in serving and 'loving your neighbor'. Some great youth - Anika, Kuba and Magda accompanied and helped them. Every day they prepared a presentation on the Bible text that we studied in particular day.

"Granny Sabcia" took care for the strength of our bodies. She had a great pleasure in giving new tastes and visual experiences both to our stomachs and eyes. Cookies, cakes and so on have given us a lot of calories, but thanks to that we were able to walk a long walks and to make fun on the lake.

All of the camp events like - going to the lake, walking, ship cruise to Mikołajki, camp fires - gave us a lot of impressions and joy. We could get to know our weaknesses and strengths and we were able to overcome difficulties together

The camp in Świętajno was a great time of relax and reflection for children and for parents. Some friendships have been made and we are sure they will last for long.


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