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"Diamond's" day camp July'2012

P7063583 KopiowanieThe summer day camp shortly after the end of the school year took place, held on 2-12 July 2012, at the rooms of the Youth Club "Shelter". There were 23 people, including 18 children, aged 6 to 14 years, and 5 teachers, including two from Germany. The day camp was very rich and full of many interesting activities and attractions. There were games and funs, music, arts and a lot of competitions with prizes. The presence of two teachers from Germany created the opportunity to the children to use the German words, which they did willingly in the fun.
The children enjoyed reading and telling  book „The Secret pheasant hut”.


During  the day camps outdoors activities very attractive were also . We visited the Jurassic Park Dinosaur in Jurowce and located beside the amusement park. We went twice to the Water Park "Tropicana", located in the Hotel Gołębiewski. One day we spent on an agritourism farm in Dębowik, near Supraśl. There were organized a ride in a carriage and a short ride on horseback. Of course there were also interesting fun, games and competitions.

Every day was a delicious dinner, prepared by one of the Białystok restaurants. At the end of day camp the children received diplomas and gifts. It is difficult to describe in words all the details of this joyous event, so we include a picture gallery.


Picture gallery:

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