Spring tournaments in the "Shelter"

IP4123233 Kopiowanien the spring we organized at the Youth Club "Shelter" two tournaments.
The April Darts Tournament took place on 12 April 2012. There were 13 players. It was a real sport competition until to the end of the tournament. The best results were obtained by Dariusz Sawicki, who won first place. Adam Kraśnicki took second place, and third place Mateusz Oświeciński. The winners received their trophies in the form of statuettes.

The Soccer Confrontations PS3 took place on 16-17 May 2012. It was a special event, as been introducing us to the atmosphere of the European Championship in soccer Euro'2012 in Poland. In this tournament, even if it was just a game on Play Station, there were sports emotions . There were the great confrontations of virtuosity of young people on Play Station. Paweł Bagieński was the champion in the use of the PS joystick. Right behind him was Mateusz Załuska, and third place took Kacper Kużel. The best players received statuettes.

Congratulations to the winners of both tournaments!





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