Camps & day camps

Memories from 2009 Holidays

2mThis year's summer campaign was very different from our usual summer actions so. Instead of summer camp for one group of children we decided to organize day camps for two groups, in two places: Bialystok and Warsaw. Day camps were organized by "Diamond" children's clubs.



 Bialystok's Day Camp started just after the end of the school year, that is 29th of June and lasted till 8th of July. Group of 15 children took part in it, kids were of 4 to 17 years of age.
Holiday atmosphere affected everyone, so all the events were full of joy and laughter. There were many interesting activities organized, both indoor and outdoor.
During crafts children made various projects: candles, totems, folders, mini-forest in the box, wreaths and cooked some food together. They also painted images on the pavement. There were also a lot of sport games and contests such as: throwing into target, skipping-rope, slaloms, games with cloth and many more.
There were also outings to "Planty" Park and to the swimming pool at "Golebiewski" Hotel. One of the most attractive events was the picnic in Suprasl, including such activities as, playing games in the forest, visiting a horse stable and grilling sausages in the fire place. We served hot meal every day of the camp day.
At the end of our camp day children who were especially active during our activities received rewards. All the participants got some souvenirs and diplomas.
Summer Day Camp in Warsaw was held from 3rd to 28th of August. Group of 30 children participated in it. We divided the participants into 3 teams. Every day, each team was responsible for particular rooms in the Club. They were responsible for the order, helped with preparation of workshops and served meals.
The theme of the Day Camp was: "Little Diamonds in our life". During the Explorer's Meetings, children discovered important values in every man's life, based on the Bible stories, such as love, joy, peace, truth, patience, kindness, friendship and many others. The subject of others activities was also connected to "little diamond" about which we were talking during the day
During the art workshops and crafts children made some work, individually and as a group. They made armour, shields and swords, then - photo frames, drawings with poems about love, flags with names of three teams and so on.
Children could learn some phrases in English and also some vocabulary connected with the values, we talked about each day.
A very important moment of each day was hot lunch, prepared by one of the restaurants in Warsaw.
After the meal there was another attractive activity, the outings to the swimming pool.
Every day, which we spent together was full of joy.




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