Camps & day camps

"Diamond's" Winter Day Camps

1It is already our tradition to organize day camps in our Clubs during winter holidays. They were held from 26th to 30th of January 2009.
     In Diamond Children's Club in Białystok theme subject was caring for pets. Children had "aquarium day" when they could learn how to set up an aquarium and they have made some chemical tests on water. We had a lady vet as our guest and she told us how to care for dogs at home. Gymnasium pupils could take part in dance lessons of Fair Play Dance Studio. We also had an outing to the movies. Especially attractive were cooking lessons. Children made French cakes and vegetable salad together.

3In Children's Club of Friends in Warsaw theme subject was film. Club members learnt how the first film was made and when it was shown. Children got to know various kinds of films, they watched some together and discussed a lot about differences between kinds of movies. There was a great attraction like going to ice skating and to the exhibition of aquarium fishes in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.








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