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"Treasure hunters" in Narewka

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Under this motto the summer camp was held, organized by the CEC "Diamond", on 17 - 23 July 2011 in Narewka. This password referred to the message that we had in our mind during preparation a summer holiday for children and teenagers. Our aim was that participants have spent a good time not only taking part in interesting activities and games, but also had the opportunity to reflect on the spiritual values that are important in human life. These values are treasures that enrich life of children, also mature women and men.
     The camp was attended by 50 people. The children aged 6 to 18 came from the Orphanage in Supraśl, Club "Diamond" in Białystok and the Children's Club "Good News" in Białystok. Educators came from several cities of Poland: Białystok, Warsaw, Poznań, Chojnice, Oława and from Germany.
     Despite of the rain this year summer we had wonderful weather and so much sun and only occasionally overcast allowing to break from the heat. Rain fell only at night or at down.


During the camp seven days, from morning till night a lot of interesting things took place. Immediately after breakfast, children participated at the Meeting of the Explorers where they could talk about important spiritual truths like: friendship, honest, courage, patience and love.
Then - till lunch - had a place of fun, games and excursions, in smaller or larger groups. It was hot, so the joy of the children have benefited from a dip in the pool or with water slides, and sometimes they decided to sunbathing on the river. For the young treasure hunters has been organized stalking crowned finding a treasure chest.
Both the children and educators had the opportunity to participate in healthy competition and to test their skills and abilities in sport's tournaments such as: tennis, table football and sumo. Sealed energies of children they could lost by taking part in football tournaments and other volleyball and sports games.
After lunch the crafts took place, in which children engaged in decoration of the canteen taking into a account the places where the treasurers were sought. Everyone could also do something interesting for themselves - for example jewelry with beads.
The Adventures of Christian Music was a unique opportunity for collective learning and singing new songs.
At the end of the day was the Evening of Surprises prepared by different groups, so it was also opportunity to showcase the artistic. Proved very popular puppet shows and story, "Treasures of the Snow"
The last night had a festive character. In accordance with our "Diamond" custom was prepared wonderful habit gala dinner. After the theatrical performance with decorations took place, performed by children and drama - prepared by educators.
An important and expected moment was the distribution of diplomas to participants and gifts to all children and thank the staff for the excellent work. Winners of the various sports tournaments received diplomas and prizes. The continuation of the evening was a spontaneous joint concert of Christian songs that children learned during the Musical Adventures.
Additionally games and presented by children humorous scenes filled lasting camp night.
In the morning on the last day of the camp we were greeted by rain, as if Narewka grieved of the departure of the children. Also a little sad we ate the breakfast. Than it was packing, order and endless farewell, with tears in many eyes, but also with hope of the meeting again next year at the camp. Our hearts despite of tiredness were filled with gratitude to God for the fact that everything so wonderfully He directed.





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