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Summer camp for children from orphanages and dysfunctional families, Stezyca, 16 - 26 of July.

stezyca allThe camp was held in Stężyca in July 16 - 26 , 2007. Village Stężyca is located on the lakes in the northern of Poland. Altogether there were 39 people, 27 children and 12 people of staff.





Children came from:

  • Children's Club of Friends in Warsaw,
  • Club ''Diamond'' in Białystok
  • Orphanage in Warsaw,
  • Orphanage in Bialystok,
  • Orphanage in Suprasl,
  • and dysfunctional families.



There were 3 girls' groups and 4 boys'groups. The groups were small, of 3-5 children. Such camps require a lot stezyca plazaof effort from the leaders and teachers. Most of them are volunteers and they devoted their holidays to spend these

 10 summer days with children from orphanages and dysfunctional families. They knew it will not be an easy task, but they decided to spend their summer holidays with children, who every day experience sadness. The prize for being tired was the joy and thankfulness of children. They established close relationships with the teachers. Here is a piece of the letter written by one of the participants of the camp to the staff, it illustrates children's joy''...I'm very glad to be at this camp. I'm full of joy and happiness...'' 


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