FIFA”17 Winter Tournament

P2066948 KopiowanieFIFA’17 Winter Tournament, which on 30 and 31 January took place, the first sports competitions in 2017 was in MK "Shelter”.  It was a thrilling competition of the enthusiasts of the game console. The tournament by the tournament the players skills clearly developed and the number of players having high efficiency in handling pads increased. The level of play was balanced, hence the road to victory was difficult and have depended on the disposal of the players during the tournament. This time, the first place to Damian Halicki went, and the second and third place respectively  to Sebastian Matwiejuk and to Maciej Michalec. The winners were presented awards during the Pizza Party on 2 February.

Just before Christmas

PC236919 KopiowanieThe day before Christmas Eve, 23 December 2016 in the Club "Shelter" the traditional pre-Christmas meeting, called by us "small Christmas Eve" took place. During these meetings, ocourse a festive mood there was, and the  thoughts  in festive accents were dressed. It is the moment when the hope in us wakes, that the heart of each of us will be filled with an increased sensitivity to the fate of other people, especially those who various difficulties in life are facing. If you did this only during the Christmas period, it is enough to the world  better become and  a lot of joy and happiness will be more. Ideally would be, when the festive atmosphere  permanently would change us and  to draws the joy of giving people in needs  inspire.

During the small Christmas Eve  the prizes to the winners of the Christmas Tournament FIFA'17, which took place on 23 December 2016, were handed. All the players for the tournament were well prepared, so the fight for the podium  until the last match was held. First place was won by Paweł Bagieński, just behind him was Damian Ostrowski, while third place to Damian Halicki went. Congratulations!


The November events

PB086875 KopiowanieIn November of 2016, in addition to the daily activities two events outside the club took place. In the first, the group of the courageous clubbers involved, who on November 6 on a shooting range went. The young people the shooting gun at a target tried, of course, under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Undoubtedly, the thrilling experience it was.

In November 26, 2016 the Singles Badminton Tournament in the hall of sport SP No. 37 was held. Usually, the club youth in this place the football plays, which we mentioned earlier. This time, the interesting rivalry Badminton there was. The sport struggle for the victory lasted to the end of the tournament. The winner was Szymon Trochimczuk, second place went to Dawid Rzepniewski, while third place fell to Jakub Burzyński.


The "Shelter" in the "Fortress"

20161025 190414 KopiowanieThe youth  from the "Shelter" Club is seasoned in a variety of competitions, games and duels. They are are happy to take the new challenges and they are not afraid to test his skills in the new areas. This time, the desire for sportsmanship on 25.10.2016 to "Fortress Paintball" in Fasty led us. This is a very interesting place, where the excellent conditions for  paintball adventure are. The two teams, for more than two hours, with the help of  the markers firing the colored balls, tried to eliminate opponents from the game. The nooks and crannies of the "Fortress"  an atmosphere contributing to the increase in adrenaline created. And despite on the cold, the running and excitement made that the players were very hot. It was an evening full of fun and pleasant experience.


The tournament’s October

20161015 165108 KopiowanieIn October, two types of football matches we have organized. First, in October 8, the  Autumn Tournament FIFA'15 was held. The battle for victory to the very end of the game console was fought. The last matches the winners of the first three places emerged. First place Damian Halicki won, just behind him Paweł Bagieński was, while third place to Szymon Trochimczuk went
Football matches also in the gym of the Primary School No. 37 were held. Courtesy of Director Tadeusz Gaszyński  the youth  uses free the gym, every Saturday, in hours 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. On this occasion, for many years of cooperation and openness to the needs of young people  to the Director we express our gratitude. Two football duels between the two "generations" MK "Shelter" there were already. This is a continuation of the competition, which during the holidays on the tartan playground on the estate Dziesięciny were.  And this time, an ambitious struggle for the victory we have witnessed. It was a beautiful sports competition. In both matches the younger youth won. Before us the next matches and another exciting football "battle" awaits us.


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