The canoeing and not only ... in Surażkowo

P7217747 KopiowanieIn the summer program of the "Shelter", we could not miss the trip to "Ritowisko". We went there on a sunny Saturday, July 21, 2018, with a group of twelve. Our stay in this charming place we started by the canoeing on the Sokołda and Supraśl rivers. Thanks to intense rain in the days preceding our trip, the water level in the river was high, so we flowed great. We enjoyed the beautiful aura, views and aromas of meadows ... Sometimes we stopped to enjoy our senses surrounding the nature. When we returned to "Ritowisko", we had a very tasty dinner waiting for us. Then we relaxed under the shelter and playing volleyball. Of course, a traditional four-horse carriage ride took place.


The FIFA 18 tournament on PS 4

P7207710 KopiowanieThe tournament competition, which took place on July 17 - 20, 2018, included 12 players. Each of them showed great skills in using pads, as well as tactical skills, during particular matches. So far, our tournaments were held on the PlayStation 3 console, this time we used the PS 4 console.
The tournament was played in two stages: in groups and cup system. From each of the two groups, The players who took the first four places in each of the two groups were promoted to the next game. In this stage, they played matches with the cup system. The winners of each match went to the semi-finals.
Dominik Kotyński and Jakub Burzyński met in the final match. Dominik Kotyński became the champion. In the fight for the third place Paweł Bagieński defeated Mariusz Margużewicz. The winners were awarded medals and prizes. The other competitors received consolation prizes.


The “Shelter" in Dzikie ...

P7057694 KopiowanieThe group of young people from the "Shelter", encouraged by the holiday atmosphere to be active outdoors, on the 5th of July 2018 to the paintball field in Dzikie near Choroszcz went. It is a place well known to most clubbers as a good fun outdoors place.
Also this time a pleasant time there we spent, full of experience related to paintball competition. Two teams fought several "battles" with the use of markers firing colorful paintballs. Each of these confrontations provided a lot of joyful emotions that were shared after each "battle".
After hard effort in the paintball field,  the sausages were roasted over the fire. All tasted of The fragrant sausages everyone tasted.  It was a very nice day.


The football tournaments on the console and in the hall

P3247557 KopiowanieIn March 2018 two football tournaments were held, requiring different skills. In the Winter FIFA 2018 Tournament, which took place from March 2-6, at YC "Shelter", the ability to use pad was important. 10 players took part in the Tournament. The competition took place in two stages: in  the groups and play off. In the first stage, the games were played in two groups, in the "peer-to-peer” system. The players who took the first three places in each group went to the second stage. After an exciting fight, Dominik Kotyński took the first place, Mariusz Margużewicz and Daniel Kotyński respectively took the second and third place.
On March 24, 2018, the Indoor Football Tournament took place in the sports hall of the Primary School No. 37 in Bialystok.


The Meeting before Christmas 2017

PC227518 KopiowanieThe meeting before Christmas, called Christmas Eve, at the "Shelter" Club on December 22, 2017 took place. It was a nice event introducing us to the atmosphere of Christmas. The Club Christmas Eves are a long-standing tradition that the precious value for young people has become. It is a tradition co-formed by youth and educators, therefore is "ours" and peculiar. There is no such second meeting ... It was a time of mutual giving. Both young people and the educators the Christmas presents received.




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