The weather in the package ...


P7096530 KopiowanieWhen we gathered before going to "Ritowisko" in Surażkowo in July 9, 2016 r., the weather in Bialystok not encouraged to spend time in the outdoors, just it rained. But the kayaking and outdoor games we planned. And then we joke speaking we expected from the agriturismo center the good weather in the package ordered attractions when we booked... So we understood, the weather in Surażkowo  probably in spite of all on our side will be. And indeed it was did! This is not a joke. The sunny skies smiled at us while we canoeing. The sun for the whole stay in the "Ritowisko" accompanied us. After a delicious dinner and dessert the games of volleyball, badminton, frisbee and enjoyment of nature in this beautiful place were.


The football rencontre

P7086483 KopiowanieBefore the holidays  the idea of organizing football skills confrontation of two "generations" clubbers came up. As for the football match between an older youth who attended the Club "Shelter" from 2009 to 2013., and the younger youth who are currently taking part in club activities. It should be mentioned that football for many years a very popular sport among clubbers was. The YC "Shelter"  representation  very successful in tournaments organized in Białystok and Supraśl was.
The rencontre of football on 8 July 2016 on the tartan playground on the estate Dziesięciny I took place. The players of both teams the sporting challenge seriously take. On one side the players with extensive football experience stood, on the other hand, players with large forcefulness. It was difficult to predict the outcome of sporting battle. In the first half of the game the younger adolescents were dominated. But in the second half of the game the older youth very quickly made up for the losses. But finally the younger  the match won with the result 14:10. All players the sweet gifts received.


One day, two tournaments ...

P4016182 KopiowanieIn March 24, 2016 the Club "Shelter" was filled with the atmosphere of the tournament. On this day, at the same time, two tournaments - Spring Tournament FIFA'15 and Air Hockey Tournament, took place. All the participants of this event, both players and fans, had the spirit of sports competition. For a few hours we were witnesses an exciting the skills confrontation  in two areas: table  hockey and  console game FIFA'15. All the players have demonstrated high efficiency and great commitment in the fight for the  places on the podium.  In the Spring Tournament FIFA'15  the statuette for first place Damian Halicki has received, while for second place - Kacper Kużel, and for the third place - Szymon Trochimczuk. In the Tournament Air Hockey, David Rzepniewski  first place won, second - Maciej Michalec, while the third - Damian Halicki. It is known that there are only 3 places awarded, but all players were to be commended. The official ceremony of trophies was held on 1 April 2016. The winners of the first three places, in both tournaments, received statuettes. Good moods had not only heroes of the competition, but also  all the participants of this meeting, because on this special occasion  pizza was ordered.


In the anticipation for Christmas

P1016161 KopiowanieJust before Christmas, in 23 December 2015, in the Club "Shelter" Small Christmas Eve were organized. Everyone in a festive mood was,   the more that next day began the Christmas. At the same time the  reflection on the rapidly flowing of time were accompanied us... A moment again another New Year's Eve and… New Year. In the program the Christmas accents  primarily were,  including gifts, but also was handing the statuettes to the winners of the Christmas Tournament FIFA'15, which on December 18, 2015 took place. The first place was won by Paweł Bagieński, the second - Damian Halicki, the third - Kamil Bonk, while the fourth - Jakub Burzyński.



Three sports tournament

P1016147 KopiowanieIn our club we have already held a number of tournaments in various fields. However, there the competition in several disciplines at the same time we did not organize yet . So we decided to organize this kind of competition, specifically three sports tournament, which was on 15 September 2015. Players competed in three disciplines: air hockey, darts and game console FIFA'13. Participation in this tournamet required persistence and resistance to stress associated with possible failures in various stages. The final position of the participant occupations determined by the total points scored in three competitions. The best player Damian Halicki was the winner of the first place. On the second and third ranked to Kasper Kużel and Szymon Trochimczuk. Congratulations to the winners!


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