Three disciplines in three days

PC137513 KopiowanieThis time the sport competition in three areas took place: table hockey, dart and console game FIFA 18. The games from 11 to 13 December 2017 took place. All players had a chance to reach for the victory, because despite the weaker skills in one discipline it was possible to demonstrate good results in another. The fight was very interesting, each duel was taken seriously. After a few matches Damian Halicki the leader became, who did not give up the lead until the end of the tournament and he became the winner. Practically to the end of the matches there was a fight for the 2nd place between Dawid Rzepniewski and Jakub Burzyński. Dawid Rzepniewski this competition won. Jakub Burzyński finished third. The winners of the first three places received medals and prizes. The other players the gifts received.


The Futsal Tournament

PC027491 KopiowanieOn December 2, 2017, the Futsal Tournament in a sports hall in Primary School No. 37 took place. The Tournament was attended by 4 teams, consisting of players mostly associated with the YC "Shelter". All teams joined the competition with the intention of winning. Each match was a time of sport fighting, in which players were very much involved. It was a very interesting spectacle, providing positive emotions to both the players and the fans. The first place was won by the team whose the captain was Mariusz Margużewicz. It should be added that Mariusz was also the top scorer, and he received the cup. The second position was taken by the team whose captain was Łukasz Wiszowaty, while the third place went to the team of Maciek Jurkowski. The winners of the first three places received medals and prizes.


The table hockey and the football simulator

PB097457 KopiowanieBetween September and October two tournaments were organized.
On September 27, 2017, the Air Hockey Tournament took place, so it was a hockey match on the table. The players for victory in every match struggled. In this rivalry, Damian Halicki the first place won, followed by Dawid Rzepniewski, while the third  Szymon Trochimczuk was.
A few days after the purchasing of FIFA 18 football simulator, the confrontation on the virtual field game we decided to organize, called FIFA 18 tournament. The tournament in October 24, 2017 took place. The first place was won by Paweł Bagieński, while the second and third ones were awarded to Damian Halicki and Michał Sołowiej . The winners of both tournaments the prizes received.


The expedition to "Ritowisko"

P8197376 KopiowanieDuring the holiday, traditionally, trip to "Ritowisko" in Surażkowo we planned. This year we had to change the date of departure twice, for reasons beyond our control. Finally, on August 19, 2017, we succeeded in realizing our intentions. The group of 10 people from the "Shelter" Club spent several hours in this lovely place, enjoying the nice moments in the nature. First, there was a kayak trip. For 1.5 hours we sailed with the Sokolda and Supraśl rivers, often breaking through the seaweed. After tasty lunch, as usual at Moczulski’s home, a carriage ride by a fragrant forest was held. Then, the time with badminton and frisbee was filled. Our departure from this beautiful place the onset of the downpour accelerated.


The summer holiday tournaments ...

P8177360 KopiowanieThere were three tournaments during the summer holiday 2017. In July, there were two tournaments, the FIFA'17 Summer Holiday Tournament on July 11 and the Summer Table Tennis Tournament on July 19th. The winners of the first tournament were: Damian Halicki - 1st place, Maciej Michalec - 2nd place and Paweł Bagieński - 3rd place. The winner of the second tournament Jan Grzybek was, second and third place won respectively: Maciej Cudowski and Mariusz Marguzewicz. On August 17, 2017, the Badminton Summer Tournament was organized. The winner of this tournament Dawid Rzepniewski was, second place  by Jakub Burzyński was won and third place to Damian Halicki went.



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