The Indoor Football Tournament December 2018

PC158145 KopiowanieThe last sporting event in 2018 at YC "Shelter" was the Indoor Football Tournament, which took place on December 15, in the sports hall of  Primary School No. 37 in Bialystok. Four teams took part in it, which in the first stage played matches with the peer-to-peer system. Then the teams that took the 3rd and 4th place fought for the 3rd place in the Tournament. This match was won by the team consisting of: Dominik Kotyński - captain, Rafał Stankiewicz, Dariusz Sawicki and Mariusz Margużewicz. The highlight of the games  was the match for getting the first place. The winner of the Tournament was a team consisting of: Rafał Załuska - captain, Bartek Muczyński, Rafał Reszeć and Adrian Połuszańczyk. The second place went to the team whose captain was Łukasz Wiszowaty, who played with Adam Sadowski, Mariusz Olszewski and Krystian Frankowski. Rafał Reszeć became the top scorer.




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