The Spring FIFA 19 Tournament

P4178205 KopiowanieIn January this year, we bought a PlayStation 4 console and a new version of FIFA 19. After numerous sparring matches, it was time for a serious sports confrontation, so we organized on April 16-17, 2019 the Spring FIFA Tournament 19. As usual, in such a competition the emotions take place and the ambition to defeat the opponent. But as it happens in sport, it does not always win. The players could make up for their defeat in the next game because they were played with the peer-to-peer  system. Maciek Michalec and Damian Halicki in the final met. This final match was won by Maciek, so Damian had to settle for second place. The third place went to Jakub Burzyński. The winners received cups and prizes. The other players the consolation prizes received.



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