The Spring Kart Race

P5178216 KopiowanieOn 17 May 2019, seven clubbers fought for the title of the fastest driver on the Sadkarting karting track in Fasty. The competitors had to be very careful, because in connection with earlier rains some places of the track were wet. This undoubtedly affected the driving speed. However, despite these limitations some drivers have achieved great times. Maciej Michalec became the champion, Damian Halicki took second place and Damian Ostrowski took third place. The winners received cups and prizes.



The Spring FIFA 19 Tournament

P4178205 KopiowanieIn January this year, we bought a PlayStation 4 console and a new version of FIFA 19. After numerous sparring matches, it was time for a serious sports confrontation, so we organized on April 16-17, 2019 the Spring FIFA Tournament 19. As usual, in such a competition the emotions take place and the ambition to defeat the opponent. But as it happens in sport, it does not always win. The players could make up for their defeat in the next game because they were played with the peer-to-peer  system. Maciek Michalec and Damian Halicki in the final met. This final match was won by Maciek, so Damian had to settle for second place. The third place went to Jakub Burzyński. The winners received cups and prizes. The other players the consolation prizes received.



MK Schron... reactivation

P2168181 KopiowanieThe youth playing football every Saturday in the sports hall SP No. 37 decided to sail for the wider water. Until now, players participated in a spontaneous game, competed in sparring matches and in mini internal tournaments. The time has come for a serious confrontation with other teams. Therefore, it was decided to participate in the IV Indoor Tournament of Białystok 2019. The name of the team - MK Schron - refers to the name of the previous representation of the Youth Club "Shelter", which had a lot of successes. On Saturday and Sunday, February 16 and 17, 2019, the team played three matches. One won, one drew and one lost. We are happy that the beginning of the team's performances was successful.


The Winter Table Soccer Tournament

P2138178 KopiowanieAfter a few years break, we returned to the table soccer game. We decided, after a period of sparring matches, to allow club members to confront technical and tactical skills in this very addictive game. On February 13, 2019, the Winter Table Soccer Tournament took place. Each tournament match was a time of exciting sporting struggles, as the players' level of play was even. An additional stage of the matches was required to select the winners. The winner of the first place was Maciej Michalec. The second and third place were respectively: Damian Halicki and Dominika Nikołajuk.



The Jubilee Christmas Eve Meeting

PC218172 Kopiowanie

 The Christmas Eve meeting at the "Shelter" Club this year was special, because it was a jubilee event. On December 21, 2018, the tenth “Shelter” Christmas Eve  took place.  The awareness of this fact had an additional effect on the festive character of our meeting. We felt the closeness of Christmas and the associated atmosphere of mutual giving. The confirmation of this was the giving of  the Christmas presents. The uniqueness of Christmas always inspires us to be sensitive to the needs of people who surround us and which we meet on our way. Let this sensitivity fill us every day after Christmas and in the New Year ...

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