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For children from Supraśl

 DSC7595 KopiowanieIn August and September there were two events in which the children from Orphanage  in Supraśl took part . During the summer holiday already, exactly on 11 - 17 August , six children from Supraśl participated in the summer camp organized by the Children’s Club  “Good News " in Bialystok. The Center "Diamond" funded at 100 %  the stay of the whole Supraśl group in the camp , which the motto was: " The trip to Egypt."

In the new school year already,  in September 28 , we have organized a one-day trip of the group of children to Białystok,  as  the part of  the program of the Weekend’s Meetings. In addition to participation in the activities of the  program organized by the  Children’s Club “Good News ", the children were playing at the Aqua Park  Tropikana in Golebiewski Hotel. They spent  the Saturday evening and they had the dinner at the home of Ewa and Ryszard Gutkowski .


The motto of summer camp referred to the topic of  Meetings Explorers, titled " In all things together for good ". The meetings, held in three age groups, were preceded by the introduction in the form of a presentation about Egypt , both the ancient and the modern.
The arts and crafts  were very popular. The weather was pretty good in all, and therefore the children used the pool. The trampoline was occupied by both boys and girls, giving them great joy. There were the fun and games in the outdoors, such as stalking , or " Battle for  the flag " also. In the end of the day there were the evening meetings, during which the children had the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities. There was also  interesting story about the tragic history of Christian family in Lebanon, during the destroying war in this country. The evening meetings was the time of the summary of the day also.


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