The summer holidays tournaments of children and teenagers in the "Shelter"

Wakacyjny Turniej PiłkarzykówIn the period from mid-June to the end of the summer holidays of 2019, a large group of children and teenagers, aged 7 - 15, appeared in the "Shelter" club. In total, the club was visited by over 50 children who used the hospitality of "Shelter", taking part in console, computer and board games as well as playing table football and darts. It was a unique experience providing a lot of positive experience. Special events were tournaments, of which there were five in total. On 19 and 25 June 2019, two FIFA 19 tournaments were held, while on 27 June 2019 and 11 July and 27 August 2019, three table football tournaments took place. The tournament winners received prizes in the form of sweets, and the winners of the Summer  Holidays Table Football Tournament (11.07.19) and the II Summer  Holidays Table Football  Tournament (27.08.19) received, in addition to sweets, medals.

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