The expedition to "Ritowisko"

P8197376 KopiowanieDuring the holiday, traditionally, trip to "Ritowisko" in Surażkowo we planned. This year we had to change the date of departure twice, for reasons beyond our control. Finally, on August 19, 2017, we succeeded in realizing our intentions. The group of 10 people from the "Shelter" Club spent several hours in this lovely place, enjoying the nice moments in the nature. First, there was a kayak trip. For 1.5 hours we sailed with the Sokolda and Supraśl rivers, often breaking through the seaweed. After tasty lunch, as usual at Moczulski’s home, a carriage ride by a fragrant forest was held. Then, the time with badminton and frisbee was filled. Our departure from this beautiful place the onset of the downpour accelerated.



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