The November events

PB086875 KopiowanieIn November of 2016, in addition to the daily activities two events outside the club took place. In the first, the group of the courageous clubbers involved, who on November 6 on a shooting range went. The young people the shooting gun at a target tried, of course, under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Undoubtedly, the thrilling experience it was.

In November 26, 2016 the Singles Badminton Tournament in the hall of sport SP No. 37 was held. Usually, the club youth in this place the football plays, which we mentioned earlier. This time, the interesting rivalry Badminton there was. The sport struggle for the victory lasted to the end of the tournament. The winner was Szymon Trochimczuk, second place went to Dawid Rzepniewski, while third place fell to Jakub Burzyński.



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