The "Shelter" in the "Fortress"

20161025 190414 KopiowanieThe youth  from the "Shelter" Club is seasoned in a variety of competitions, games and duels. They are are happy to take the new challenges and they are not afraid to test his skills in the new areas. This time, the desire for sportsmanship on 25.10.2016 to "Fortress Paintball" in Fasty led us. This is a very interesting place, where the excellent conditions for  paintball adventure are. The two teams, for more than two hours, with the help of  the markers firing the colored balls, tried to eliminate opponents from the game. The nooks and crannies of the "Fortress"  an atmosphere contributing to the increase in adrenaline created. And despite on the cold, the running and excitement made that the players were very hot. It was an evening full of fun and pleasant experience.



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