The football rencontre

P7086483 KopiowanieBefore the holidays  the idea of organizing football skills confrontation of two "generations" clubbers came up. As for the football match between an older youth who attended the Club "Shelter" from 2009 to 2013., and the younger youth who are currently taking part in club activities. It should be mentioned that football for many years a very popular sport among clubbers was. The YC "Shelter"  representation  very successful in tournaments organized in Białystok and Supraśl was.
The rencontre of football on 8 July 2016 on the tartan playground on the estate Dziesięciny I took place. The players of both teams the sporting challenge seriously take. On one side the players with extensive football experience stood, on the other hand, players with large forcefulness. It was difficult to predict the outcome of sporting battle. In the first half of the game the younger adolescents were dominated. But in the second half of the game the older youth very quickly made up for the losses. But finally the younger  the match won with the result 14:10. All players the sweet gifts received.

Of course, immediately after the match the  meeting revenge was proposed. It took place on 21 July 2016 r., in the same playground. This time the match was very balanced. Neither team was able to achieve a significant advantage. The match ended in a draw 9: 9. But of course it did not satisfy the players, the winners  it should emerge by the penalty kicks. In this competition the young players were better. So, the second time the winners of this fascinating football rencontre they were. All the players went to the Pizza Party, which was held in the club room was held. During the party all the players the sweet gifts were given.



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