The trip to Ritowisko

P8304998 KopiowanieDuring the summer, two groups of the “Shelter” Club members went on the day trips to picturesque place with an interesting name Ritowisko, located in Surażkowo near Supraśl. The main attraction of the tour were canoeing down the rivers Sokołda and Supraśl. During the first visit, on 23 July the weather was not so good for us, but we had good sens of humor and we spent nice time in nature. The second trip took place on August 30, on a sunny day, so we could fully enjoy the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. After the exercise on the canoeing trip the wonderful dinner was waiting for us in the banquet hall of Ritowisko. It should be emphasized that the meal was prepared on the basis of the ecological products from the farm, without the use of chemicals. After the lunch we had more activities like climbing up on the wall and  zip line over the pond.



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