Fabric Week a the "Diamond's" Club in Bialystok

1b zima05Diamond Center organized special program for winter break in Children Club Diamond at 40 Berlinga Street in Białystok. The program was called FABRIC WEEK. All of the participants were children of school age.


According to the name of the program during the whole week children made various kinds of things from fabric, such as small muppets made from gloves, little bags, caterpillar made of socks and a patchwork, made of portraits of children, that they draw themselves. One day children put Diamond's logo on the t-shirts which they afterwards got as presents.

Important element of our meetings were muppet shows. The muppets: Marcin and Magda spoke about important things, as friendship, our choices in life, helping the weak etc.

2b zima05

Apart from that, children played their own shows. Small groups have written scenarios and played their plays in front of other participants of our day camp. We also had a few contests, such as Lego building contest named The Space, team contest of origami and very exciting contest of Morse Alphabet. At the end of the program we took some pictures and all the children received presents.


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