Training Meeting for Workers and Volunteers

grupa bialOn 14-15 of May in Narewka, near Białystok the training meeting for workers and volunteers of Christian Education Center "Diamond" was held. People working in "Diamond" clubs on daily bases came for the weekend meeting, as well as volunteers cooperating with the Center.

The meeting was opened by Director of the Center Ryszard Gutkowski, who reminded us of our mission and philosophy of work. He also presented daily activities of "Diamond" in branches and programs.


Afterwards, we had lectures given by Mrs. Alicja Kwiatkowska - pedagogue at Orphanage in Supraśl. She presented study of particular examples of children with various problems, giving also examples of solutions that might be taken. At the moment, some of the children, we have talked about, are already adults, so we could see practical results of various methods of solving their problems. We also had case study of children from Children Club of Friends in Warsaw prepared by Agnieszka Wernik - Club's coordinator, together with brain storm on the ways to take up new challenges and solve children's troubles. Mrs. Alicja was very helpful. She served us with her advice and experience.

elaIn the evening we participated in the presentation made by Elżbieta Kwiatkowska, concerning forms of work with children during art workshops. Elżbieta works in the Diamond Children Club in Białystok. The presentation was very inspiring and gave us a lot of new ideas how to look for new possibilities and develop skills of children in the framework of art and practical workshops.

The lectures ended with the presentation of Monika Zuber - coordinator of Rock Solid Project in Youth for Christ Foundation. Rock Solid is a program of work with teenagers and youth.

grupa wawTwo days stay in Narewka was the time of intensive training, but not only that. We also had a possibility to get to know one another, to exchange experiences, talk about our problems, ask questions and find answers. We had some nice time in the fire place and during fellowship on Sunday. We need such meetings to gain more strength, to encourage, inspire and support one another.

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