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The meeting in May

P5114628 KopiowanieThe meeting with the friends from the orphanage in Supraśl is a great joy always for us. So we were glad to have the opportunity to spend the  time together with a group of eight children on Saturday, May 11, 2013, in Białystok. In addition to the regular participants of the weekend meetings also children who came  first time were. We could to know them during the games and talks  in an apartment Ewa and Ryszard Gutkowski. As usual, our special friends so willingly in the preparation of meals - lunch and dinner joined. Among other things, thanks that a family atmosphere we felt. Undoubtedly, the going  to the Water Park Tropikana at the Hotel Gołębiewski on the well-being of children affected. It is a pity that the time runs so fast …



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