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Small Christmas Eve’s meeting with friends from Supraśl

PC154510 KopiowanieOn Saturday, 15 December 2012 we met up with our friends from the orphanage in Supraśl. In this  meeting, which in Bialystok held, there were three events. Each of them in a different location took place. First, the children participated in Small Christmas Eve, which was at the Children's Club "Good News", ul. Kujawska 22. There  they watched Christmas drama, heard an interesting story about the end of the world, participated in the games and activities as well as special  meal. At the end, all the children wonderful  Christmas gifts received. Another attraction was  at the Water Park "Tropikana", located in the Hotel Gołębiewski. Outside the window was cold, but fun in the warm water caused the children great joy and pleasure. The last item on the agenda was a visit at the home of Ewa and Ryszard Gutkowski.  The children spent the time on games, talking, watching cartoons, and finally eaten a delicious dinner.





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