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Holiday wishes

1For coming holidays of the Lord's Birth
I would like to greet you with sincere wishes
of warm moments spent with your closest,
a lot of joy and peace in your hearts
and God's blessings for every day of the New Year 2008
May the smiles of our children
accompany you during this Christmas.

2Dear Friends,

The season of Christmas is coming. Everyone knows how special this season is. It is a time of remembering Jesus Christ's birth. These are days which we spend with our families, among close ones and those that we love. This is the time when we greet each other gifts.

Unfortunately not everyone can have sun special time during Christmas. Our pupils come from orphanages and dysfunctional families. In their homes Christmas is very often one more day with alcohol and violence. For many years already we have organized special Christmas meetings for them. At these meetings we can tell them about the real meeting of Christmas, we can show them how other families celebrate this time and we can give them gifts too.3

This year we also are going to give to the children a lot of joy, warmth and hope during Christmas. Everyone of you, dear Friends, have your share in this. Everyone of you will cause a shiny smile on the child's face.

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