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Events for Children's Day

9 m

Children's Day was very exciting this year in both of our Clubs. Children from Children's Club of Friends in Warsaw have been invited to visit a unit of Polish Army at 13 Zwirki i Wigury Street. This visit was full of attractions and was held on 29th of May 2008. Children could see the show of soldier's fitness. Later they visited the unit and its equipment, they also saw the soldier's armament. Children were invited to the hall where army orchestra is practicing and they could try to play on the instruments. The time they spent was finished with eating of a real army meal (pea's soup). In "Diamond" Children's Club in Białystok we have organized a trip to the airport on 31st of May 2008. Members of the Club got general information on parachuting and gliding. They could visit and get into the school glider "Puchacz" and the airplane AN-2, which takes the parachutists. The excursion was held on the ordinary work day, so children could also observe departs and landings and parachuting as well. They all were very interested. Our excursion had finished with the visit in the Ice Cream Shop.


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