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"Diamond" Center and MOPR (Social Care City Department) organize Christmas parties for children together

11mIn the framework of cooperation between Christian Education Center "Diamond" and Social Care City Department in Białystok two Christmas parties for children took place. It was already third time that we organized such event with the Team of Social Workers nr 5. This time 140 children took part in it. The event was held on 17th of January 2009 in the Primary School nr 47 in Białystok. One week later, on 25th of January 2009 there was Christmas meeting organized with the Team of Social Workers nr 1. This party was held in Primary School nr 28 in Białystok and 110 children took part in it. Program of each event contented of short puppet educational show, presentation of folk dances made by the group of children from Czeczenia, various contests with prices and having fun with the music. The main point of the party was the visit of Santa Claus. All the children waited this moment the most, because every one of them wanted to get a gift. Santa had a lot of presents and gave each one personally to every child.


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