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What is Christmas for us?

2In many houses Christmas is time of colorful Christmas tree, carp fish, red beet soup and... that's all. In today's modern world even the habit of so called "family holiday" is no longer cultivated. For us, the time of preparation to Christmas is still special, because then we can explain to our pupils its real meaning and massage.


1In our Clubs and during weekend meeting for children from orphanage we organize family Christmas evenings. We try to explain to children that this is the memory of Jesus' birth, the greatest Gift and Present, which we have received from God. This fact should be the most important for us that day.

Presents given with love...

3Christmas time is also a time of giving gifts. For our pupils presents are not just things. Gifts say that children are important for us, they make our emotional relationships, which we build for the whole year complete. When children open their boxes, we can observe not only their joy, but also the joy on their parents faces.a1

For many families this is real financial support. Things such as school equipment, clothes, education games are big part of the family budget.


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