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10th Anniversary of "Diamond" Center

10lecie mIn October 2007 we will celebrate 10th Anniversary of Christian Education Center "Diamond". Of course our ministry among children from orphanages and dysfunctional families has a longer, almost 20 years history. So we can talk about two periods of "Diamond's" ministry: first one, spontaneous acting based fully on the volunteers and then the period of activity in the frameworks of organization, which was established because of the ministry development. But it always has been the same "Diamond" philosophy of work. 



10 years means tens of events, projects, programs, publications and so on. 10 years means hundreds of pupils - children from orphanages, from dysfunctional families, pathological families with alcohol problems, problems of drugs, unemployment, handicapped children etc. At present we are running our ministry in two cities: Warsaw and Białystok. Before, our branches were also held in Gdynia, Elblšg and Lublin (there were also some efforts to start the work in Malbork). We were happy that "Diamond's" ministry is developing. But not the quantity is important for us. 

Our motto is to do what we can afford and do it the best we can so we can change the world for the better. We realize our goals through children clubs, summer and winter camps, day cams, programs for children from orphanages, editors activities etc. We are very satisfied that there were two master degree works written at the universities about "Diamond" ministry and two college diplomas as well. Another two are in progress of writing. About such facts you usually think only in such solemn moments as this anniversary. Every day we think of fulfilling our duties and taking up next challenges. We are walking through every day with assurance that we are not alone in this work. We are accompanied by God and His wonderful acts. If not Him we wouldn't be celebrating the 10th Anniversary. The proof of His care for us is a group of friends, who support our ministry financially and spiritually. Also tens of voluntaries, who used to work or still work on realization of various projects. Also workers, former and present ones. This anniversary is also your celebration. You all have your share in this great work of showing God's love through everyday attitude according to our motto: "let us love, neither with word, nor with tongue, but in deed and in truth."

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