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The end of activities of Children's Club of Friends in Warsaw

klub warszawaEach thing has its beginning, but in some moment of time there is also an end. Children's Club of Friends at 14 Targowa Street in Warsaw was established in 1998. For 12 years the Club has played it social role, organizing various activities, programs and projects for children and youth living in the neighborhood, both during school years and holidays. In those projects tens and even hundreds of pupils took part. The team of teachers consisted of pedagogists, psychologists and wide group of voluntaries. Among them, there is one of our pupils, who educated and became a teacher. The time of our work there was full of many challenges and joys. They will stay in our hearts and they will be precious experiences, which we may use in other places of our work with children and youth.
     Main reason, which made us make the decision about closing the Club in Warsaw, were plans of District Government concerning renovation of the building, where our rooms were rented. It meant also to resettle all the citizens of that building. If we wanted to continue our functioning we would have to look for a new local and start our work from the beginning with the new group of children. Of course one of the most important problems would be also funds, which are more and more difficult to gain. Taking all this into consideration, we have decided to concentrate at the moment on our work in Białystok.

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