This year there was no Christmas Eve ...

PC220290 KopiowanieUnfortunately, the epidemiological situation has not improved and there is no easing of sanitary restrictions. We cannot run the club's normal activities, so we couldn't organize a traditional Christmas Eve. We have already got used to extending the deadlines of restrictions, prohibitions and orders, this time until January 17, 2021. So far, we are suspended. But despite the difficult conditions, we decided not to give up what was our club tradition so far, to share Christmas presents. We did it every year on Christmas Eve. This year we have also prepared Christmas packages with sweets. We distributed them individually to individual club members. We were unable to organize a pre-Christmas meeting, but we decided to prepare a substitute for this traditional meeting. We have prepared a snack for everyone, packed in Christmas Eve bags with groceries. We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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