The medals were distributed at dusk

P8160258 KopiowanieOn August 16, 2020, the Summer Football Tournament took place on the pitch at Osiedle Dziesięciny I. This tournament took place under unusual conditions. The commencement is planned at 7.00 p.m. forgetting that the days of August are getting shorter and dusk begins much earlier than in the first month of summer holidays. 4 teams took part in the competition. It was a sports competition and great fun until the very end. The last matches were played at dusk, but the players did well in these conditions, scoring further goals. The first place in the tournament was taken by the team consisting of: Dominik Kotyński - captain, Mariusz Margużewicz, Daniel Turowski, Patryk Prymaka, Marek Sieńko. Dominik Kotyński collected the King of shooters cup. Medals and awards were distributed at dusk.




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