The canoeing on the rivers Sokołda and Supraśl

1The weather was conducive to our kayaking trip, which took place in Surażków on August 3, 2019. However, before reaching Ritowisko we were wondering if this time crossing the route, especially the section on Sokołda, would not be a difficult challenge, perhaps, because of low water level. At that time low levels were noted in rivers in Poland, e.g. on the Vistula river there was a record low water level, only 40 cm! We were very pleasantly surprised when we arrived with canoes on the  riverside of Sokołda. The water level was very high, as if despite the drought in Poland. Probably earlier rainfall affected the waters of Sokołda and Supraśl. So without much effort we could  kayaking  with the river stream, indulging in pleasant relaxation. After returning to Ritowisko, a tasty dinner, as usual, was waiting for us. And then we spent a nice time under the shed and in the yard.




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