Three disciplines in three days

PC137513 KopiowanieThis time the sport competition in three areas took place: table hockey, dart and console game FIFA 18. The games from 11 to 13 December 2017 took place. All players had a chance to reach for the victory, because despite the weaker skills in one discipline it was possible to demonstrate good results in another. The fight was very interesting, each duel was taken seriously. After a few matches Damian Halicki the leader became, who did not give up the lead until the end of the tournament and he became the winner. Practically to the end of the matches there was a fight for the 2nd place between Dawid Rzepniewski and Jakub Burzyński. Dawid Rzepniewski this competition won. Jakub Burzyński finished third. The winners of the first three places received medals and prizes. The other players the gifts received.


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