The Futsal Tournament

PC027491 KopiowanieOn December 2, 2017, the Futsal Tournament in a sports hall in Primary School No. 37 took place. The Tournament was attended by 4 teams, consisting of players mostly associated with the YC "Shelter". All teams joined the competition with the intention of winning. Each match was a time of sport fighting, in which players were very much involved. It was a very interesting spectacle, providing positive emotions to both the players and the fans. The first place was won by the team whose the captain was Mariusz Margużewicz. It should be added that Mariusz was also the top scorer, and he received the cup. The second position was taken by the team whose captain was Łukasz Wiszowaty, while the third place went to the team of Maciek Jurkowski. The winners of the first three places received medals and prizes.




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