The end of the football season in the hall

P3257003 KopiowanieBetween October 2016 and the last Saturday of March 2017, the football activity in the sports hall of the Primary School No. 37 took place. This room every Saturday, at 4 pm – 5:30 pm, free of charge we used. On the last Saturday of March, March 25, 2017, the solemn closing of the autumn / winter 2016/2017 season took place. There was a mini football tournament, where two older youth teams and one younger youth team took part. It was a time of real sporting competition, dominated by young players. We sincerely thank Director Tadeusz Gaszyński for understanding of the needs of the youth from the Dziesięciny Housing Estate and free access to the room for 6 months. We hope that in the autumn of this year we will also be able to count on the friendliness of the Directorate of SP No. 37. Currently, in spring-summer period the matches on the playing field on the housing estate or in the Orlik will be held. We invite young people to move outdoors.

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