The ping-pong competition

P3176979 KopiowanieThe members of the clubs, that by the Center "Diamond" run, in numerous sparring and table tennis tournaments participated. There were tennis tables in the club rooms, like in the Youth  Club “Shelter” until mid-2013. The moving to a new, smaller room, the opportunity to practice this sport deprived us. So, we were happy to welcome the launch of the "Diamond" Sports Base in February 2017. After a month of  the practice, the youth decided to organize a Table Tennis Tournament on March 16, 2017. The tournament with a ladder  system was played. In the finals were two winners of the previous stages. After an interesting fight, the winner of the tournament Mateusz Oświeciński was, who Mariusz Margużewicz defeated, who was second. Paweł Bagieński and Damian Halicki were third and fourth respectively, The winners prizes received.




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